Cloud Transformation


While the Industry is convinced that cloud is the way to go, several organizations struggle with questions like


how exactly am I going to migrate?

what tools do I need?

Am unable to move the applications and data sets from one OS version to the other or one application to the other or one CSP to the other and so on

Mainly because the transformation is so rapid that people who build the new applications and frameworks, don't have time to train the ones who need to adopt

We solve those problems with our suite or solutions

The Transporter - Our rich API engine makes is very each to transport data from any application to any application across multiple service providers. You don't have to worry about versions, technologies or service providers.

The bridge - Our IP bridge suite helps you run select applications partially on cloud and on-premise. This is critical while you transition complex ERP's or CRM applications into cloud

The Orchestra - Our robust framework and suite of smaller applications and experts will help orchestrate the cloud transformation seamlessly

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